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Serpen Soul Hoodies - Size Chart

When taking measurements for your clothing, please compare against clothing you already have, this will help provide a better picture of what you'll need.


Here is a visual guide to help you measure your clothing:



Due to using a variety of suppliers, the size of each product can vary.  We typically have a sizing chart listed by each product.  


  There can be a deviation of around 1-3cm accounted for by hand measurements.  You will find this pattern follows that of clothing stores such as Cotton On, Topman, Abercrombie & Fitch or Jay Jays. Any deviation from this standard and a sizing chart will be posted with the product.

US S 50 cm (20In) 66cm (26in) 83cm (33in)
US M 55cm (22 in) 68cm (27in) 86cm (34in)
US L 60 cm (24in) 71cm (28in) 88cm (35in)
US XL 66cm (26in) 73cm (29in) 91cm (36in)
US 2XL 71cm (28in) 76cm (30in) 93cm (37in)
US 3XL 76cm (30in) 78cm (31in) 96cm (38in)



Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
S 43cm (17in) 100cm (39in) 64cm (25in) 61cm (24in)
M 45cm (18in) 104cm (41in) 66cm (26in) 62cm (24in)
L 47cm (19in) 108cm (43in) 68cm (27in) 63cm (25in)
XL 49cm (19in) 112cm (44in) 70cm (28in) 64cm (25in)
XXL 51cm (20in) 116cm (46in) 72cm (28in)    65cm (26in)
XXXL 53cm (21in) 120cm (47in) 74cm (29in)    66cm (26in) 
4XL 55cm (21in) 124cm (49in) 76cm (30in) 67cm (26in)
5XL 57cm (22in) 128cm (50in) 78cm (31in) 68cm (27in)


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